Sunday, 5 May 2013

Contest Time...Ben

With the release date of BEN drawing ever closer... Next Saturday May 11 to be exact. It's time to hold another give away.

So two copies of Ben will be up for grabs simply by commenting and letting me know what you're favorite desert is... If you follow my Facebook page you will have seen me talking about snickers pie over the last week... I'm yet to try the damn thing but it looks soooo good.

Anyway, I'll draw the winners on Thursday or Friday and as always you will have a choice of Epub, PDF or PRC.

Also don't forget to head over to the Mischief Corner Blog where I'm asking my readers about what they want me to write next... that's right you get to have a say. :)

Still suffering from nightmares due to the abuse he endured at the hands of his previous Alpha, Tommy Morgan is trying to come to terms with life and a newly found mate.
The last thing Benjamin Taylor, Panneath Alpha of Australia, expected to find was his other half, bloody and broken at the hands of another Alpha. Now months later Ben is more than happy just to sit at his mate’s side while he gets his life together again and begins to accept their mating.
Threatening e-mails though, set to put a hold on their happiness as someone wants revenge for the death of Alpha Kegan Wallis.


Tommy grunted once again as Gregory and Barry’s fists met his flesh. He gritted his teeth refusing with everything he had to let the scream that desperately wanted out passed his lips. He could feel his flesh split again and again as they continued to work him over. All the while his Alpha—the one man he should have been able to count on to protect him—paced back and forth, shaking his head when Tommy refused to answer any questions about his brother’s whereabouts.
 “Tell me where he is and this can all stop.” Alpha Wallis nodded in the direction of his Betas and they took up the fight once again.
Tommy could feel the tears slipping down his cheeks as he was pummelled over and over again. He bit down so hard on his lip he tasted blood when a well-placed shot to his side had him hearing­—and feeling—a rib or two breaking under the barrage.
It wasn’t fair. Even if he did know the location of his brother there was no way he would give it up after everything Declan had said to him. Tommy still didn’t know exactly what had happened between his brother and his Alpha to cause the man to run but whatever it was—by Alpha Wallis’s reaction—it wasn’t good. 
Tommy’s arms ached from where they had been tied above his head. The cuffs binding his hands to an adjustable chain hanging from the ceiling were cutting into his wrists. Tommy could feel the blood slowly dripping down his arms. He was stretched until he was forced to stand on tip toes in order to be able to get a small measure of relief for his arm.
His entire body throbbed in pain. He didn’t think there was a single area that hadn’t been intimately introduced to the fists of the Betas. The blows were a constant barrage, never seeming to stop for very long. Tommy could feel the swelling around his left eye and the split to his lip.
He would have shifted had he not been in so much pain and strung up like a Christmas turkey. The cuffs around his wrist were too tight, and due to the pain currently wracking his body his wolf had curled up in a corner. Only an Alpha could get him to shift in his current state and he highly doubted Alpha Wallis was about to do that.
“Tell me where the fuck I can find Declan,” the man practically screamed at him, small amounts of spittle flying from the corners of his mouth.
Tommy resolutely kept his mouth shut. He wasn’t in any fit state to answer the man’s questions, not that he would of if he could.
All of a sudden blinding pain seared through his body radiating upwards from his leg. He had no idea what the hell they had done but it was successful in finally getting something to pass Tommy’s lips. He screamed.

Tommy sat bolt upright in bed, his heart pounding frantically as he tried desperately to cut the scream off that was currently pouring from his mouth. His body throbbed with the remembered pain of the blows he’d endured at the hands of his previous Alpha and Beta’s had caused.
The sheets below him felt damp with sweat, the acrid smell of it penetrating his sluggish brain.
Slowly his heart beat and his breathing began to return to normal. It wasn’t until a couple of minutes had passed that he noticed a body sitting on the bed beside him. His heart rate increased again, suddenly pounding out a staccato rhythm in his chest, fear gripping him making it impossible to move.
The deep, soothing, whispered words finally registered and Tommy started to relax again.
“Shh, pup, everything’s going to be okay, you’re safe now. No one is ever going to hurt you again,” Ben murmured over and over.
The deep rumble of his mate’s voice calming his body faster than anything else possibly could. Tommy knew the man was his mate. He had figured that out a couple of weeks after he had woken up at his brother’s house. Yes, it had taken him some time, but he finally was able to recognise what he was feeling for the big strong man for what it was. This didn’t mean he was ready to jump into bed with Ben, far from it.
Ben seemed to understand this fact and never pushed. It was times like these that endeared the man to him all the more. He sat beside Tommy on the edge of the bed with a cool damp cloth wiping over his sweat soaked skin, his other hand rubbing soothingly along his arm. The touch alone bringing him more comfort that he really wanted to admit to at that moment. All the while that deep sexy voice whispered words of safety to him helping to combat the remembered fear and pain that had been almost overwhelming.
Tommy knew Ben had taken to spending most of his nights in one of Declan and Liam’s spare rooms, even though the man must have had a house of his own. Tommy hadn’t seen it so he was just assuming. Whenever Tommy woke in the middle of the night Ben always seemed to be there, by his side, to help calm him back down. Tommy wasn’t entirely sure how many times he had flinched away from the large man in fear, and honestly thought the bigger man must have the patience of a saint to still be here, night after night. He was grateful though.
“Better?” the soft rumbly growl came from beside him.
Tommy nodded his head, not sure if his voice would work at the moment or not. Tommy reached out tentatively and placed his hand gently on Ben’s forearm. He needed the connection at the moment. Just that little bit of added touch had waves of peace and calm trying to crash over him. He knew it was Ben’s doing but he wasn’t about to complain.
“Come on, pup. Let’s get these sheets changed so you can try and get some sleep.” Ben stood and clicked on the light on the bedside table. Tommy blinked furiously as the light assaulted his eyes. He should be used to it by now; they seemed to replay this same scene a few times per week. Ben reached down and helped untangle Tommy from the sheets that had wrapped themselves around his body several times over by the feel of things.
Once he was free Ben offered his hand to assist him to his feet. Still feeling rather shaky from the dream Tommy wasn’t about to turn down the help.
Tommy stood in front of Ben, his eyes level with the man’s massive naked chest. If it was one thing he had learnt in the last several months it was that Ben never slept with a shirt on, just a pair of silk sleep pants.
He watched enthralled as the chest rose and fell with every breath Ben took. He wanted to reach out and touch, to trace the dark brown nipple in front of him, to tangle his fingers in the chest hair that covered the large muscled upper body. But he couldn’t do it. Hopefully with a little more time he wouldn’t feel so…so… broken.
Almost as if Ben could read his thoughts he cupped Tommy’s cheeks in his enormous hands and tiled his head up. The larger man bent down and placed a gentle kiss to his forehead. “Why don’t you go have a quick shower and wash away all that sweat? I’ll change the sheets and then you can crawl back into bed.”
Tommy desperately wanted to reach up to the place that Ben’s lips had touched his skin. It wasn’t the first time he had done it and Tommy doubted it would be the last. Even still, a small thrill rushed through his body each and every time Ben kissed him.
Ben stepped back and allowed Tommy to exit the room so he could shower. As soon as he walked in to the hallway he could feel his brother’s presence. He looked to the right and sure enough standing at the end of the hall leaning against his door jamb to his room was Declan, looking tired and sleepy, his hair sticking up all over the place.   
“Everything okay?” he asked, rubbing at his eyes.
“Yeah, I’m really sorry I woke you again. I’m just going to take a quick shower. Go back to sleep, Declan, I’ll see you in the morning.”


Laurel Looney said...

You need to try A Better than Sex Cake. If interested message me on Facebook and I'll send you the recipe.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read their story! & my favorite desert is home made strawberry short cake. Me & hubby made them with ice cream I am now hooked. Lol.

Deborah H

Megan said...

Nothing beats the classic chocolate topping ice cream. Yum.

Can't wait to read Ben!

Jackie mcKenzie said...

My favorite dessert is ice cream, chocolate with m&ms to be exact!!!

BTW, I just wanted to comment, I have already pre-ordered the book so don't enter me in the contest. When I saw another book was coming in this series I snatched it up!

Claudette Herron said...

My favorite desert is German Apple Cake. I found it in a cookbook that my sister sent me from where she lived. The older ladies entered their recipes and once I tasted it I was hooked. The cream cheese frosting didn't hurt either.

I love all your books and I read them as fast as I can get them. Congratulations on Ben coming out, I can't wait.

Michelle B said...

Hmmm, so many possibilities for my favorite dessert! I'll have to go with tapioca pudding.

Lupa Padmae said...

Tiramisu with baseball nut ice cream is fabulous. I cannot wait to read this story

batchelorboy55 said...

I make a wicked Black Forest Pavlova where the merangue is laced with Kahlua, the cherries soaked in brandy and the chocolate cream spiced with Malabu.
But there again I could easily modify that to a rocky road or jaffa pavlova - choices.

Elizabeth Hill said...

My favourite dessert would have to be plain frozen yoghurt topped with frozen berries mmm mmmm =D

qaf22 said...

Home made apple pie.

Anonymous said...

Since Liam had a mate that is an incredible pastry chef, this is a great idea for a contest; Maybe Ben and his new mate can go over and try some new confections that their friends come up with. My mother has been making something we call 'Smash Cake' for years -- it was such a let down to learn that it was just another name for the established'Ooey Gooey' Cake, but it is just incredible. You just might like it!

Jim in New Orleans

Karl said...

My favorite dessert is Black Forest Came or Lemon Meringue Pie. Congrats on the release of Ben.


gigi said...

Loved the blurb! Please count me in. Thanks!!!


Fiona Bernard said...

Chocolate Ice Cream, love it! Can't wait to read Ben, really looking forward to it.

Jbst said...

I love dark chocolate lava cake.

strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

Maya said...

Yes please, count me in! Thanks!

My favourite dessert is my mother's cheesecake. It's different than any other I've tasted and anyone who has been invited to partake has been spoiled for life!

qbeeqt @ yahoo . com

j.lingo said...

I think my favorite would be between peanut butter sugar cookies with chocolate chips and Chocolate therapy muffins (chocolate muffins with strawberries and it had a strawberry cream cheese mix you put on before you bake.) Yummy! And I cannot wait for Ben to come out as I am reading the series again just to be ready. :o)

SM Zeoanne said...

Hi Toni! I'm so glad someone shared your link and I saw it on my FB page! You are a new to me author and the excerpt/blurb from Ben was simply exciting! I'd love to participate in your giveaway and hopefully get to know more of you and your writing.


SM Zeoanne said...

Oops, forgot to leave email... zeoanne at gmail dot com


Urb said...

I can't eat many desserts, but on my birthday? Gotta have New York style cheesecake, white chocolate shavings and fresh raspberries are welcome! New York style is very tall and pretty dense, yum!
brendurbanist at gmail dot com

Penumbra said...

My favorite dessert is my mother's Lemon Meringue pie. I haven't tasted a better one than her's that I can remember.


Anonymous said...

My favorite desert would have to be a peppermint dream chocolate pie I make for the hollidays.

Rosie said...

Looking forward to Ben's book. Want more from the Atherton Pack. Best dessert is Death by Chocolate Brownies. Fudge brownies with white chocolate chips and then chocolate frosting on top. Variation for more sweetness is topping to be marshmallow fluff with caramel sauce swirled in it. They are so good!

Ashley E said...

This sounds like a terrific story, now as to desserts... I adore baklava. Oh. My. Gosh. Now the store-bought stuff is great, but home-made... even more amazing. I need to make some of that soon....


Alisha Framel said...

I love Chocolate Eclair Cake.

Dyrlae Noget said...

Looking forward to Ben :-)

My favorit dessert is chocolate mousse.