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Thursday, 19 December 2013

What you might have missed

I've had several releases recently and would would hate for you guys to have missed one in all the confusion. So I thought I would post and let you all know what's become available for your reading pleasure. :)

First up to bat is My Christmas Present. This is a re release and if previously purchased this short story there is no need to buy again as the only changes made to this book are editing.

Finally home after graduating from uni, Lucas arrives in time for Christmas. The one present he wants more than anything is the one that's been forever out of his reach, his dad's best friend, Mitchell.

Mitchell has watched Lucas grow over the years into a smart, sexy young man. Falling in love with his best friend's son was never in his plans. The early Christmas present Mitchell receives will change his life forever.
PRICE: $1.99

Next up is Archie's Accidental Kidnapping. AAK is my story from the the Horns and Halos Collection.

Demons and Angels have been among us for thousands of years, in many cultures and in many forms. What happens when you set the Mischief Corner authors loose on the vague prompt "Write a story about angels or demons?" The poor unsuspecting world is about to find out.

From Toni Griffin - Archie's Accidental Kidnapping: Hounds of Hell 1

Hellhounds are tasked with a very important job. Tracking down and killing Nephilim, half human, half angels. They are the absolute worse society has to offer and as such need to be eliminated. As Adze and his pack of hounds hunt the latest lowlife he meets Archie, his heart mate, something he never thought would happen to him. Now all Adze has to do is explain to his very human mate about the world he's just been dragged into, kicking and screaming. Sounds easy right? Not so much.

AAK PRICE: $2.99
Archie's Accidental Kidnapping BUY LINKS: Mischief Corner Books, Amazon, ARe, B&N
H&H Price: $5.99
Horns & Halos BUY LINKS: Mischief Corner Books, Amazon, ARe, B&N
Then we had the most recent Anthology from MCB Hot Off the Range

Riding and herding. Those spurs that jingle-jangle-jingle. What is it about cowboys that so doggedly fires the imagination? Join the Mischief Corner authors as they give you their own unique takes on the cowboy mystique and mythos, from the American West, to Australia, to outer space. The cowboy story will never be the same…

Once A Cowboy - Toni Griffin
It's been six years since Jesse Howard has stepped foot on the Western Hills Cattle Station. Now that he's able, Jesse's returned. The problem is, he's not returning alone. Will Logan Kennedy, the love of his life, listen to Jesse's explanations or will Logan close the door on the future Jesse's dreamed about for so long.

Accounting for the Hero - Silvia Violet
Grant longs for a hero to ride up on his valiant steed and revive his failing ranch, but he hires, Miles, a man with a desperate need for a job and no ranch experience. Miles may know a lot more about bookkeeping than calf-roping, but that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of heroics or of capturing Grant’s heart.

Sock Poacher and the Shower Thief: Tall Tales of Hooper's Town 1 - Freddy MacKay
One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. All things are possible when someone steps outside their door. In Namid's case, he meets the town recluse, Dusty, when he gets attacked by Dusty's porch. And that's only the beginning.

BULL: Corralling Nature 1 - Mathilde Watson

Shy, awkward, and overweight, Roland Paulson wasn’t the kind of man who attracted a lot of amorous attention. His romantic life consisted of a series of short lived flings and one night stands with other men who were just as desperate. When propositioned by a charming cowboy with the body of a god, he expected sex. He never imagined the wild ride that would follow.

From the moment Dodge Bramen set eyes on the adorable red-head he wanted him. And Dodge was a man who gets what he wants. He had no trouble luring the guy into his bed, but keeping him there was a different story. Deep kept secrets and unexpected discoveries could either shatter their bond or break it.

Fear of Frogs: Brimstone 2 - Angel Martinez
While Shax recovers from a near fatality, his shipmates have been busy. He's rather proud of them taking the initiative and finding them a lucrative cargo run. His pride turns to outright horror, though, when he finds out what sort of cargo. Unfortunately, he'll soon discover that a healthy fear of frogs doesn't prevent frog-driven disasters. Time travel has never been so messy.

PRICE: $6.99
Next up is my only non MCB release of late. Corey. Book 3 in my Atherton Pack was published through Silver Publishing.

Ethan Davies grew up in the foster care system, moving from house to house, never having a home of his own. When he meets his mate, Corey Jones, he's overjoyed at the prospect of finally getting the one thing he wants more than anything.

Corey's had his heart broken in the past and vowed never to go down that road again, sticking to one-night stands only. It's a lonely way to live but it's better than the soul crushing devastation he's felt previously. When he meets Ethan, Corey does the only thing he can in order to protect his heart; he runs.

Ethan won't give up his chance at love and a home that easily though, but will a costly mistake cause the entire pack to be put in danger?

BUY LINKS: Silver Publishing, Amazon, ARe, B&N

Last but by no means least Determined Mate, Holland Brothers book 2 was re released in November. 

Jason Matthew's is a broken man. He's lived through hell and barely come out the other side. All he can thing about is getting to his best friend, Brian, after that he has no idea. Jason's scared out of his mind when he's met by not only Brian but two large men as well, he does the only thing he can think to do. He tries to run. One of the men, though, turns out to be his mate. A mate he is in no condition to have or want, a mate that won't allow him to flee.

Alex Holland is forced to stand by and watch as Jason is taken to the safest place they know, too scared to be around him. He knows something bad has happened to Jason and he's going to need every ounce of his Alpha control to give his mate the time he needs to heal and start living again.

NOTE: DM has been re-edited, and expanded by about 19 K.

PRICE: $4.99

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hot Cowboy Roundup Blog Hop Day 5

Hello everyone and welcome to day 5 of the Hot Cowboy Roundup Blog Hop. I hope you are all having fun and creating lots of entries to win some of the fantastic prizes we have on offer.

Today I will be showing you a little of my story, Once A Cowboy, which can be found in the Hot Off the Range Anthology. We will also be continuing the interview with Freddy, Kou and my guys, which should be interesting, who knows what drama a talking demon squirrel and five year old can get up to.

But first here's a little snippet from Once A Cowboy


It's been six years since Jesse Howard has stepped foot on the Western Hills Cattle Station. Not once during all that time did he ever stop thinking about the cowboy he left behind, Logan Kennedy. Now Jesse's back and wants the future he always dreamt they would have. Jesse just has to explain why he hasn't returned alone.


Instead of hovering around the kitchen waiting for the food to be ready, Logan finished his beer and grabbed a second, twisting the cap off and throwing it in the bin. He wandered through the house and out the back door. His hammock swayed gently in the breeze, and Logan could think of nothing better than to lie down and relax after a hard day’s work.
Logan placed the beer on the ground so he didn’t spill it and carefully made his way into the hammock. As much as he loved this thing, it did crave his blood and had gotten its fair share out of him over the years. It hadn’t taken Logan a long time to learn to treat the hammock with respect if he wanted to remain intact.
Once he was in, Logan leaned back and stretched out his legs, crossing them at the ankles. He reached down and snagged his beer from where he had left it and brought it to his lips. Logan swayed gently from side to side, drinking his beer and enjoyed just watching the sun slowly go down. There was nowhere else on God’s green earth he would prefer to be right then.
Logan’s thoughts drifted once again, wondering what his life would have been like if Jesse hadn’t taken the easy way out and walked away. He wondered if they would still be together.
His friend, his lover, and the man Logan considered his partner in every possible way, had left town without so much as a goodbye or a forwarding address after his eldest brother, Mack, had caught them going at it in the barn on the Howard station.
It had been dumb of them to do anything there. They both had known how small-minded Jess’s family was. Logan had gone over to see Jesse about a foal, and as was often the case when they were alone, one thing had led to another. They thought they were safe. They thought they were alone. But apparently Mack had had his suspicions about his youngest brother for some time and had been keeping a close eye on him.
Logan had been kicked off the property immediately. He’d gone straight home and had told his parents about his orientation and exactly how he felt for Jesse Howard. His mum had been shocked at his revelation but his dad, not so much. Colton had slapped him on the back and told him that he’d had his suspicions for a long time. As long as his son was happy that was all he cared about. That’s not to say his dad didn’t voice some concerns with how others might take the news, but he told Logan in no uncertain term that he had to be true to himself, and if others didn’t like it they could go screw themselves. His mum had just hugged him and told him that no matter what, Logan would always be her little boy and she would love him.
Relieved with his parents’ acceptance of him and his love for Jesse, Logan had been excited to tell his lover that everything was going to be okay and that his parents accepted their relationship. Unfortunately, that was also the last day Logan had ever seen Jesse.
Logan could still remember the look of utter horror that had come over Jesse’s face when they had been caught; it was quickly replaced with what Logan thought might have been regret and then acceptance. That look had haunted Logan’s dreams for the last six years.
He wanted to know what it meant. He wanted to know how his lover could leave him so easily if he’d meant as much to Jesse as the other man had claimed. Logan knew he’d never get the opportunity to ask his questions. He hadn’t seen or heard from Jesse in six long years.
Living where he did and doing what he did meant Logan couldn’t just run down to the nearest gay bar to scratch an itch whenever the urge came upon him. It had been a long and lonely road, but Logan didn’t regret it one bit. He knew he’d had his one chance at love. There wasn’t another one out there for him, and he wasn’t the one-night stand kind of guy, so he didn’t bother. Instead Logan focused all his energy on the station and what he needed to do here, and just used his daily thoughts of Jesse to keep him company.
The creak of the back flyscreen door opening and closing brought Logan out of his melancholy thoughts. “I guess that means dinner’s ready, hey, Mum.” Logan said as he finished the last of his beer and attempted to sit up in the hammock.
“Not quite, Grace said it would be another ten minutes.”
Logan turned quickly at the sound of that voice. His heart rate increased, his breathing became harder and his prick started to thicken all in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, Logan forgot where he was and why he wasn’t supposed to move suddenly. The hammock moved from under him as he shifted his weight quickly, and before Logan knew what was happening, he cried out as he was flipped ass over head and he landed on his back on the hard pavers with a loud thump.

Once A Cowboy can be purchased in the Hot Off the Range Anthology and is currently available from:
Mischief Corner Books 

Interview - Day 3
Today we're very lucky to have with us Freddy MacKay and Kou (from Internment, Horns & Halos Collection) who agreed to interview Jesse, Logan and their son Colin.
You can go to Angel Martinez's Blog to check out day one of the interview here and Freddy MacKay's Blog has day two of the interview here.

Colin: *head pops through door* Daddy, she just said asshole!

Jesse and Logan:
*walk through door, crosses arms* Excuse me?

Freddy: I just can't win today. *shakes head*

A mini cowboy! Mine! *jumps to Colin*

*screams* A talking squirrel!

Kou: *licking Colin's face* He tastes sweet.

Freddy: *laughing* Well, he's just a mini cowboy.

Kou: *pouts* Namid and Shax said he'd taste nutty.

Colin: Daddy, why is there a talking squirrel... Squirrels aren't supposed to talk... Are they?

Jesse: Stop licking my son!

Kou: *lips quivers* But he tastes good.

Logan: No Colin, there are no such thing as talking squirrels, I think I need to go get my gun.

Colin: *laughs* that tickles. *bats playfully at Kou*

Kou: *sniffing Colin's ear, licking around ear* why does everyone freak out when they meet me?

Colin: *squirms*

Kou: *pets Colin* He's soft. I want to keep him.

Jesse: Umm... Let me think... Something to do with a talking animal I'm sure.

Freddy: Namid and Shax didn't.

Kou: *gives Jesse the paw, looks at Freddy* See? Most people do.

Colin: *pets Kou* Daddy, he's funny, can I keep him and take him home to live on the station with us?

Logan: *sighs* Where's my gun?

Jesse: No, Colin, I'm sorry. There aren't any squirrels in Australia, and we can't take one home with us, let alone a talking one.

Colin: *lips quivering* But daddy, he's so cute.

Jesse: *reaches out to remove Kou from Colin*

Freddy: *to Logan* Kou's harmless. Mentally, he's about the same age as Colin.

Kou: *clings to Colin* He's my cowboy. I called him!

Logan: *to Freddy* Ah huh...

Colin: *wraps arms around Kou and holds tight*

Freddy: *smiles* Really. But Kou, you can't go to Australia. Your dad would be upset if I let you go again. You remember what happened when we visited Toni.

Kou: No!

*Kou transforms, totally buck naked* Come on, Colin. Let's go.

Logan: Don't make me go get my gun.

Freddy: I can explain that.

Colin: *jumps up and strips*

*kou with a squirrel tail running hand in hand with Colin*

Jesse: Colin, get back here

Logan: *raises eyebrow at Freddy* we're waiting.

Freddy: Shit.

Colin: *laughing*

Freddy: Kou, come back! *gets out of chair and runs after naked kids* he was transformed by a fox spirit. Tadaashi is going to be pissed.

Kou: Freedom! *poofs him and Colin away*

Jesse: *wide eyed* Where the hell did my son just go? *looks to Logan*

Logan: *glares at Freddy* I knew I should have gotten my damn gun!

Freddy: Ummm... *makes a break for it* and that concludes the interview for today! Kou! Kou!

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