Friday, 24 February 2012

I'm now in Portuguese

The lovely people at Silver Publishing will be releasing my Holland Brothers Series in Portuguese in March

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Monday, 20 February 2012

DWTD Completed

I just realised that I announced on facebook on Friday that I had completed Dealing with the Dead but I completely forgot about doing it here. Sorry :)

Dealing with the Dead is the first book in my Thompson Agency series and revolves mainly around necromancers.

Please find below the blurb and a short excert. You can search further back on my blog for longer excerpts that I have previously posted. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Once again please excuse all errors as it's un edited.


Jayden Thomson is special. Not only is he a necromancer but he is also a necromancer with more powers than anyone else in the country.
This is lucky for Noah Michaels. When he walks into the Thompson Agency he finds out the sexy little man with blue streaked hair is the only one who can take his case.
When it’s discovered Noah is Jayden’s mate will his powers get him into more trouble than he’s worth?


Jayden had never been so glad to be sitting behind his desk in his life. The sexy man in front of him had him so hard he could pound nails. There was no way in hell someone as stunning as Noah Michaels would ever be interested in a twenty year old necromancer with blue streaked hair. Sighing to himself Jayden decided to finish his lunch the conclude their meeting as quickly as possible. It was not good work practice to be getting hard around the clients

Once lunch was finished Jayden fished out some napkins he kept spare in his draw and passed a couple over to Noah— Mr Michaels. He really needed to stop thinking about the drop dead gorgeous man as if he wasn’t a potential client.

Once he was cleaned up he took a large gulp of his water before putting it aside and concentrating on the man opposite him.

“Thank you, that was delicious”

“You’re welcome. As I said it’s my favourite. Just can’t have it too often”

“You don’t have anything to worry about” did that mean what the hell he thought it meant? Not sure how to proceed Jayden stammered out a ‘thank you’.

“Now how can I help you today Mr Michaels?”

“Well for started you can call me Noah”

“Okay Noah and I’m just Jayden”

“It’s nice to meet you just Jayden” Noah replied with that drop dead gorgeous smile lighting up his eyes. Why did Jayden feel as if he was being stripped bare and devoured by this man’s eyes?