Saturday, 3 August 2013

Now Available

Unexpected Mate is now available through Amazon HERE and Smashwords HERE
For everyone wondering if you have to re purchase, there has been over 17k added to the story. It's being release at a special price of $3.99 for the first week.

It will be available through B&N and ARe in the next day or so.


dana purser said...

I was wondering how different the story really is I bought the series and being a single mom on a tight budget I wanted to know if I had to buy the series again?

Tonya said...

I purchased it after seeing it was 17K more added. I was happy I did for it did flesh out the story and gave more to the stories. We see what happened with Brian's family and what went down versus in the original what was spoken of what happened. This also applied with Marcus and is ex-girlfriend Stacy and how she tried to trick him into to mating. It was made mentioned of in the first book but more details of the situation was given in this re-release. So I highly recommend for those who purchased the first time to buy again for it is like a whole new book. I mean I have read other books where authors talked about how it was fleshed out and more was added. But it all seemed superficial and you were not able to tell the different beyond the word count. But I can tell the difference in this book and highly look forward to the next book done over (hopefully soon) so I can rediscover it :)

Margaret S said...

I found the reworked earlier part of the story a much more rounded version and agree with Tonya that if you can afford it the new version is a good read but has a some what changed storyline.
Toni - Thank you for the hours of happy reading you have supplied.