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A Cabin for Two - Contest & Date

Hey All,

I finally have a release date my Cabin for Two Anthology. 19th January is the lucky day. As this is a self published Anthology it will be available through Smashwords, Amazon, Are, Barnes and Noble and many more smaller distributors.

Cabin For Two

A collection of six stories by:

Toni Griffin - A Bear in the Woods: a bear shifter tries to convince his mate that he's not crazy while fighting threats against his own life.

Angel Martinez - A Matter of Faces: a data privateer crash lands on a barely habitable moon where he's found by a research scientist who refuses to show his face.

Vicktor Alexander - The Other Cabin: when a young graduate finds himself at the wrong cabin facing the muzzle of a shotgun, he had no idea how much his life has just changed.

Mathilde Watson - Three Little Words: lifelong friends have returned from the Korean conflict and now need to fight their way through the feelings they've harbored for each other for so long.

Freddy MacKay - Dirty Little Secret: a geocaching trip goes horribly wrong, but the hiker's rescuer is the one person who may be able to save him in more ways than he can imagine.

Silvia Violet - Their Natural Habitat: a forest ranger and his lover just want a nice weekend away. The bear baiters have other ideas.

A Bear in the Woods Excerpt:

Vincent Marsden didn't think he'd had a worse day in his entire life. He now understood exactly why he preferred driving over flying anywhere. It had all started three days ago with a conversation with his best friend, Mandy.
"You need a break," Mandy's usually soothing voice screeched down the phone line at him.
"No, I don't," Vincent replied.
 "Yes, you do. I can do this all day until you finally give in and agree with me. I hope you realize this." The self-satisfaction in Mandy's voice was not lost on Vincent.
 Vincent thought he might try a different tack. "I can't afford to go anywhere right now. I have to write." Vincent had hardly written a thing in the last month even though he had deadlines looming and edits he needed to return. He just couldn't seem to bring himself to do the work.
"Oh yeah," Mandy said in that tone that always made Vincent cringe. "Just how much have you written lately?"
"Yeah, that's what I thought. Now, as I said, you need a break."
Vincent knew Mandy could be stubborn when she got an idea in her head, but he could be just as stubborn. "Mandy—"
"Stop!" Mandy sighed. She sounded so put out it made Vincent smile. "As much as you might hate this, I know you, Vincent Marsden. You need a break. You're run down; you haven't had a vacation in three years, not since you caught that prick, Jamie, screwing the bellboy in your hotel suite." Oh yeah, what fun that had been. Vincent didn't want to think about that now, though.
"Mandy, I really can't afford to go on a vacation right now." Vincent thought he'd give one last-ditch effort to try and get Mandy off this subject.
"I know. That's why I've taken the liberty of booking your vacation for you." The smugness in her voice really wasn't very nice.
"You what?" Vincent asked incredulously.
"Look, you know I got a nice inheritance when my grandad passed away six months ago. That money's not doing anything at the moment but sitting in the bank collecting interest."
"Mandy I can't let you do that." Vincent sighed, exasperated. "God, you're a pain in my ass."
"No I'm not. I have the wrong parts for you."
"Eww. I don't even want to think about your parts. How the hell did we start talking about your girly parts?" Mandy laughed and Vincent smiled at the sound. As big a pain as his friend was, he did love her to bits.
"Just lucky I guess. Now back to the hot topic. Namely, you on a vacation." Mandy snickered at Vincent's groan.
"I'm not going to win this argument, am I?" Vincent asked, resigned.
"Nope. Now listen as I tell you where you're going and what you're doing." Mandy sounded so superior Vincent wanted to reach through the phone and strangle his best friend.
Mandy had booked him a cabin in the Smokey Mountains for a week of relaxation. Vincent wasn't sure how much relaxing he could do as a young gay man in the middle of Tennessee and told Mandy so. She told him to stop trying to find excuses not to go. 

For your chance to win a copy of this wonderful (if I do say so myself) Anthology simply comment. I will draw the winner next Thursday. 


Lupa Padmae said...

I so cannot wait to read this I so want it.

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Me, too! This sounds fantastic, Toni! Congratulations:)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good anthology! Please count me in. Thank you!

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Woot woot congrats Toni can't wait

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This sounds wonderful! And such a great group of authors! Congrats on the upcoming release!
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Congrats on your new anthology!

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Some favorite authors in this one...please count me in. Thanks, chellebee66(At)gmail(dot)Com

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I love winter anthologies - all that potential to be snowbound! Please count me in

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Ooh~ Yes!!
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Oh heck yes! I love Silvia Violet and all the stories here sound amazing.

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Sounds like a great book. Please count me in. Thanks!

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Congratulations on the new release. Can't wait for any of your books when they come out!

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It sounds great. Count me in.

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Sounds really good. I would love to win :-)

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I have been "playing" with Vic and his oldies contest. He suggested to visit the other authors."Since he took the book cover over for hid Facrbook"

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Sounds really good. Can't wait to get or win it!

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Sounds lovely! Can't wait to read