Sunday, 7 October 2012

Now Available for Pre-Order

Now that Dealing with the Dead is out it's time to turn ourselves back towards the Werewolves... And what better way to do that then go and Pre-Order Liam....
It's available through Silver Publishing and you can Pre-Order HERE


Being the Beta to the Panneath Alpha of Australia isn't an easy job, but Liam Anderson uses his position and constant travel to search for his mate. Unfortunately, he's yet to meet the person fated to be his.

Declan Morgan witnesses something he shouldn’t and has no choice but to flee Cairns and hope he's not followed. Exhausted, naked, and starving, he ends up at a house in the small town of Atherton.

Imagine Liam's surprise when he discovers his mate standing in his backyard. Overjoyed at finding him, he's also concerned the reason Declan had to run will get in the way of their happily ever after.


Another week passed and Saturday night arrived as it invariably did and Declan Morgan once again found himself alone. Sometimes the fact he had no friends really bothered him. He had a younger brother, Tommy, and they were close, but the ten years age difference kept some distance between them. Declan didn't really want to hang out with his little brother all the time. They were members of the Cairns pack, but neither of them had made many friends.

Tommy had only really connected with two guys his own age. Declan, however, hadn't managed to hit it off with a single person. Declan never felt very comfortable around other people. He always worried he would say something stupid and end up embarrassing himself, so most of the time he didn’t say anything at all and just kept to himself. Being a pastry chef didn’t make it conducive to gaining friends. Declan woke up at four most mornings and crawled back into bed by no later than nine at night.

Since their parent's deaths a couple of years ago, Declan had watched over Tommy. They had packed up their lives a year ago and moved to Cairns, Queensland. Coming from the sweltering heat of central Australia it seemed the perfect place. Declan hadn’t really wanted to move half-way across the country, but he had to go where he could find work.

Now he just had to stick it out at his current job for another year or so, until he'd saved up enough cash to open his own little bakery. As much as he loved what he did for a living, he didn’t really enjoy the job he had at the moment. Much too commercial for his liking. He didn't want anything huge, just a small little bakery, and he thought with Cairns’s large tourist population, it would suit his needs. Declan had started to count down the days until he could realise the dream he’d had since he’d been a little boy.

Pulling his phone from his pocket Declan dialled his brother.

"’ello," the voice of his younger brother came through the phone.

"Hey, bro."

"Dec, where are you, man? I expected you home hours ago." Tommy sounded worried, and Declan really hadn’t wanted that.

"Sorry, Tommy, got caught up at work. They had two staff call in sick and I had to stay back to make sure everything got done. I'm just out at the pack grounds. I need a run. I should be home in about an hour," Declan told his brother.

"Okay, no worries. Chase, Jackson, and I will save you some pizza."


"Yeah, like there's going to be any left when you get through with it." Declan heard Chase say clearly through the phone line due to his enhanced hearing.

Declan laughed. His brother's friends were right; the way those boys ate food, it would be a miracle if any survived for him.

"Don't stress about it, Tommy, I can get my own food. Enjoy your evening with the guys and I'll see you soon."

"Will do. Later." Tommy hung up the phone and Declan checked to make sure the call had been disconnected before storing his phone and his wallet in the glove compartment of his car before getting out.


Megan H. said...

I'm very excited about Liam's story. I loved him in Forbidden Mate and I'm so glad he has a story of his own now! I'm definitely going to pre-order!

Lupa Padmae said...

Now you know I gotta add Liam to my Aussie wolf collection. Yummy Liam

mommyjj said...

can't wait i loved liam can't wait to read about him and dec his mate off to preorder jessica csnoto