Sunday, 21 October 2012

Now Available for Pre-Order and Excerpt.

A Very Holland Christmas is now available for Pre order through Silver Publishing. Click Here to purchase.

This book is purely for my fans who continued to ask me for more from the brothers. I honestly never had any plans to do more than the 4 original books. I even had one fan tell me that Joe could have cheated on Maryanne and had more children that way.... Needless to say that didn't happen. Maryanne would have skinned me alive If i even thought of writing that. LOL

A Very Holland Christmas catches up with all four of the brothers and their mates. I really hope you enjoy as this was a very spur of the moment decision for me to write it and I only did due to the overwhelming response I got when I posed the question on Facebook.  :)

Christmas is a time for family and friends. Catch up with the Holland Brothers and their mates as they race to get everything ready for their second Christmas together.

 Another school year over with and Zack couldn't believe how much he looked forward to doing absolutely nothing for a couple of weeks. He loved his job, but being able to sit at home and relax instead of working on class curriculums or grading papers would be wonderful. Not to mention getting to spend some quality time with his mate and daughter.

Simon always amazed him with how patient he could be when Zack had a pile of marking to get through or new classes he had to prepare for. He honestly didn't know how he would have coped without his mate.
Now it was the eve of their second Christmas together and Zack had never been happier. Finalising his last purchase for the day, he stuffed his credit card back into his wallet, thanked the salesclerk, and wished her a Merry Christmas. Picking up his purchases, he headed out of the store and went looking for his mate and Jason.
The crowds surrounded him as he exited the store into one of the main thoroughfares of the shopping centre complex. The noise level rose exponentially and the scents that assaulted Zack's nose were almost overwhelming. Christmas carols being played on the speaker system added to the background noise.
Thank God he hadn't brought Hayley with them. Zack had almost given in when Hayley had turned her big jade green eyes on him, with just a hint of moisture beginning to gather in the corner. Simon had had to step in before he caved. He was thankful for the rescue now as he could just imagine losing Hayley in this large crowd of people.
As it stood, he'd lost his mate and brother-in-law to the crowd and wasn't sure he could ever find them again. Ringing in his pocket distracted him for a second and just as Zack moved his heavy bags to his other hand so he could retrieve his phone someone bumped into him from behind.
Not expecting the sudden jolt Zack hadn't been prepared for it and stumbled forward, barely keeping his footing. A mumbled apology came from some distance away as the man who'd pushed him kept on his way without so much as looking back to check he was alright.
Scowling after the man Zack retrieved his phone and answered the call when he saw Simon's name as the caller. He hurried over to the side, so he could stand with his back against the glass windows of a store, hoping he would be far enough out of the way he wouldn't be bowled over again.
"Hey, babe," Zack sighed, as his body relaxed at the first sounds of his mate's voice.
"Hey yourself," he replied.
"You ready to get out of this mad house?" Simon asked him.
"Oh, hell yeah. These people are nuts."
"Tell me about it, I just saw one of those Santa photo grottos with the sluttiest elves I've ever seen in my life. I didn't realise miniskirts and fishnets were the uniform of the North Pole this year." Simon sounded horrified and Zack couldn't blame him.
"Shit, really?" Zack asked. "How could parents not be complaining about that?" he wondered.
"The funny thing is that none of the little kids know any better but the number of dads lining up with their children is ridiculous. No way would I ever let our daughter get her photo taken in a place like that." Even though they had been together for nearly two years it still warmed his heart when he heard his mate call Hayley 'our daughter'.


Lupa Padmae said...

Omg I love it love it

julieann37 said...

I love it!What a wonderful surprise.Mini updates on the Hollands every now and then as they grow and change would be fantastic.

Nichole said...

Looks good, can't wait. Maybe there are cousins on ther mother's side that might need to find refuge with the Holland clan?