Friday, 6 January 2012


Hey guys.
Thought I would drop in and give you all an update on what's been heppening. I'm sorry to say there hasn't really been a lot of writing taking place recently but with the separation and the selling of my house and everything else I've been either too busy or too emotional to actually want to write.
Hopefully things will change real soon as I moved into my new apartment in the city today. God I hurt all over. I have to tell you I love my parents to bits as I have no idea how a 65 year old man could do what my dad did today.
Still have a lot to do to get the new place set up but at least the big stuff is in place and it's now just a case of unpacking boxes. Have I ever mentioned before how much I hate/detest/loath/appall moving?
Anyway I currently have no phone (apart from mobile) so that means no Internet either and I have no idea when they will be connecting the new one. So this is currently being typed on my iPhone. Sorry for all errors.
On a positive note I am currently running a comp on my Facebook to win a $50 ARe gift card as I reached 500 friends. Love you all.
Ok so I think that's all from me. Had a wonderful (if strange being single) Christmas and was able to spend new years with my daughter watching the fireworks.
I think I might go die now and rest my feet/back/head, hell entire body, after the day I've had.

There will be more books on the way. Frankie's Vamp is scheduled for release in April and I will get my ass into gear and start writing again. I PROMISE

Hope everyone had an enjoyable start to the new year.


xBeanyx said...

I hate moving too so I feel your pain *huggs*

Depending on your phone you might me able to use your phone as a wifi hotspot and hook up the internet on your laptop for short periods of time...

Araya said...

Glad to hear the move went well. Its atrocious to have to do so.

I spent my 1st holiday alone as well. Glad to see we both made it through!

Hope everything evens out now and the best to you.

Bailey;-) said...


Oh, yes, moving is a suck in my book. I'm glad you're getting settled in, and hope that everything goes well. We will all wait patiently on your books, and just wish you much joy and peace.

julieann37 said...

I really feel for you right now - best wishes for the future.I t does get easier being single with a child(ren) with time.
Think positive, New Year,New You!
Good luck with your writing......

Anonymous said...

Will the Holland brothers series continue or was that the end?