Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Holland Anniversary blog short

Today the 29th of January marks one year since Unexpected Mate was released with Silver Publishing. Yesterday the Spanish version Companero Inesperado was released for sale.
I can't even begin to thank everyone at Silver for what they did or to thank you as my readers for such an overwhelming response to my first foray into writing.

To celebrate the boys making it to a year I've done a small snippet of their day. Please forgive any errors as this is of course not edited.

A Holland Anniversary

Nobody ever said looking after twin boys was easy. Brian was exhausted as he lent against the doorjamb leading into the boy’s bedroom. At just over three months old the boys were a handful. When one needed a dipper change, so did the other. When one was hungry, so was the other. They did everything at the same time even waking up and going to sleep. Brian was grateful every day that they had a house full of people willing to help out when they could.

The boys looked so peaceful when they were down for the count, like now. Other times they were right little terrors, taking after Marcus no doubt. God knows Brian wasn’t like that as a child so he was more than happy to pin the blame on his mate.

After much discussion between everyone it was decided to transform the study on the first floor into the boy’s nursery. Everything had been organised and set up before they had arrived home after giving birth to the twins. Thank god the room was large enough as it had two of just about everything. However, only one cot was in use as the boys tended to scream their little head’s off if they weren’t with reaching distance of each other.

Brian walked back into the nursery and lent over the cot gently kissing Samuel then Dylan. He gently caressed their heads, the thick golden brown hair so soft. Brian though there was nothing better in the world, apart from Marcus, as the smell of his little boys.

“Baby” Brian jumped at the unexpected noise, turning around, he watched as the man he loved came strolling into the room still wearing his uniform. God then man could melt butter looking as hot as he did.

“Shhh” If you wake them I’ll never forgive you.” He whispered “I just got them down” Marcus chuckled quietly but Brian knew he wouldn’t do anything to wake the cubs.

Brian turned again to face his boys as Marcus stepped up behind him. Arms wrapped around his middle and he was settled back against Marcus’s chest. Brian sighed in contentment. He was truly happy, had been for the past year. Marcus kissed his cheek

Thank you for giving me a family”

“Thank you for giving me that chance” Brain replied as he turned and wrapped his arms around Marcus’s neck, pulling the man down as he rose to meet those perfect lips.

Brain moaned as Marcus took possession of his mouth, hard lips pressed against his, tongues duelling. Brain could never get enough of his mate. Marcus broke the kiss when it was necessary to breathe, Brian moaning at the loss and trying to chase those perfect lips as they moved further away from his own.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Now come on we need to shower and change so we won’t be late for our reservations.” Marcus was taking him out to dinner tonight to celebrate their one year anniversary. He couldn’t believe only a year had passed since Marcus has first found him stranded on the side of the road and driven away, leaving him behind. Now they were happily mated with twin cubs.

Alex and Jason had agreed to look after Samuel and Dylan tonight so they could go out and have a nice romantic dinner without having to worry about crying babies.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier? There’s nothing I like better than a wet soapy mate” Brian said as he grabbed Marcus’s hand and started pulling him out of the boy’s bedroom.

Closing the door quietly behind him Brain headed next door to their room. He ignored the knowing look and small chuckle from Alex as he passed them in the passage. Marcus just continued to grin wickedly behind him.

Brian closed their bedroom door and walked across to the monitor to make sure it was on. Satisfied they would hear if their children woke up he started stripping his clothes. Brian laughed as he followed the trail of discarded clothes to the bathroom. Marcus had started the shower and was already enjoying the hot water by the time Brian had gotten naked and joined him.

 Stepping into the shower Brain gasped as he was grabbed and pushed up against the wall. He hissed as the cold tiles made contact with his skin but knew from experience they would warm up quickly. The feel of Marcus’s large calloused hand running roughly down his back and over his ass had him moaning and pushing his ass back into the touch.

“Hmm. What do we have here?” Marcus asked, his voice low and guttural and sexy as hell.

“Nothing officer” Brian replied breathlessly. Pulling his ass away from Marcus’s questing fingers.

Marcus wrapped his fingers around his hip and pulled him back roughly. Marcus’s hard cock rubbing up and down his crease. Brian bit back a whimper. God he loved this man.

“I don’t know, this looks awfully suspicious to me. I think I’m going to have to search you.”

Brian moaned as the blunt tip of Marcus’s cock nudged against his hole.

Brain half-heartedly started to struggle as Marcus gently pushed forward. He stopped all movement when a hand connected solidly with his backside. “Fuck” he swore as his cock jerked at the heat radiating from the spot Marcus has hit and a bead of pre cum left his slit.

“Hold still or I’ll have you up on charges of resisting arrest as well.” Brian dumbly nodded along unable to say anything at the moment as Marcus’s fact prick slowly entered him.

Marcus usually took the time to stretch him first but he knew there were times when Brain just wanted to feel that thick piece of meat slide into his un-stretched channel. He loved that fact that he always felt Marcus for days afterwards. Today was one of those days.

As soon as Marcus bottomed out he pulled back until just the head of his cock remained and thrust forward again. Brain’s fingers scrambled for purchase on the tiles but failed to find any.  Brian hitched his hips back further meeting Marcus’s thrusts. The sounds of their bodies colliding in the water, the feel of Marcus’s claws on his hips, knowing his mate was losing control as he continued to fuck Brian into the shower wall was enough to send Brain careening over the edge.

Brian screamed as his orgasm ripped through his body and exploded from his cock. White sticky semen coated the tiles beneath him. Marcus’s thrust became erratic as Brian’s hole continued to flutter and pulse as his orgasm began to subside.  A low growl from behind him, one final hard trust and Marcus followed him into orgasmic bliss as sharp canine teeth clamped down on his shoulder joint.

Brain moaned at as Marcus’s knot took hold and sent him head long into another orgasm. Jesus he loved what this man did to him. Completely spent Brian’s arms gave way and he collapsed against the wall. Marcus still attached to his back. The hot water from the shower still cascading down over the both of them.

Marcus extracted his teeth from his neck and licked the wound to close it before gently kissing his skin.

“Happy Anniversary baby” Brian was too melted, his body wonderfully sated to do anything but nod and whisper back.

“Happy Anniversary, Marcus.”

I know it's short so please don't kill me but if you're nice I might do one of the other brothers for Valentines :) Hope everyone's had a great weekend


Kitana said...

Loved it! Awesome look at seeing where Brian & Marcus are at with their cubs & their one year anniversary. Can't wait for updates on the rest of the crew.
This is one of my favorite series! Love the Holland Brothers & their mates!!
Fab job Toni!


Laura Aleman Striplin said...

Yay! I will try to be good so you will write another one. Love it when authors do these shorts for the readers. Very cool thing to do. Thanks :)

Tessypoo said...


I always love reading about the Hollands and was sad when their series came to an end.

I'm looking forward to the other books you have in progress, I especially want to see which part of Oz you've set the books in.

to this Aussie, It's ALWAYS a treat for me to recognise a place.

Hugs, Tess

Toni Griffin said...

Glad you all liked.
Vampires - Perth WA
Necromancers - Darwin NT
Ben's Pack - Atherton QLD

Nothing like a change of venue. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it. Thanks


Bailey;-) said...


Loved this, thank you! Absolutely made the day!

Yvette said...

Absolutely loved it! Some of my favorite boys.

julieann37 said...

What a fantastic gift!Yay!I love this..Please let us have more....