Friday, 30 September 2011

WIP Excerpts

To celebrate the release of my final Holland Brothers books 'Forbidden Mate' I thought I might post a couple of excerpts from my WIP List

Please note: all excerpt are unedited, so please excuse my horrible typing. lol

Untitled - Merrick's Coven 1

Merrick stood on the balcony of his apartment, arms pressed against the rails staring out over the swan river. The lights reflecting off the black water dazzling in all their different shapes and colours. He sighed. He had been feeling more and more melancholy recently. After living for over five centuries no one could really blame him for it.
His life had boiled down to a never ending line of willing men, both in his bed and as blood donors. Merrick was the master of the city, his coven was secure, hell, there hadn’t even been a challenge to his leadership in over fifty years. Even the club he owned down stairs never had any trouble, people came they drank, they danced, they fucked, they sucked then they went home.
  Paranormals had been revealed to the world nearly five years ago now. It was getting harder and harder for their existence to be kept a secret, so their council had decided to announce their presence to the world. This isn’t to say that the leaders of the world didn’t already know that they existed, because they did. There were several paranormals in high up military ranks, and many more in lower military ranks. We were a lot harder to kill than your average human, as such the government loved us.
There had been some backlash at first, with a few groups campaigning for their immediate death. Stupid humans. The majority of the population seemed to understand that they weren’t in any danger, and the paranormals had always been living amongst them, now they just knew about it.  
Having humans know of their existence was a huge positive for the vampires. It meant there was a lot of men and women who were willing to offer up their life giving blood for the chance to be bitten and experience one of the most powerful orgasms in their life. Just the bite of a vampire was enough to send them into the throws of pleasure.
Merrick was getting bored. He was tired of the same type of people always offering up their ass and their neck for one night only. He wanted someone that was going to stick around. He wanted someone who set his blood on fire, and his heart to pounding. He wanted someone who would stand up to him instead of falling all over themselves to give him what he wanted.
Yes he was a master vampire, and yes he could be scary as hell, He was tall for his kind at six foot five, had long flowing black hair and eyes almost as dark as his hair. Sharp cheekbones that suited his face perfectly and perfectly tanned skin. His body was well defined but not overly muscular like you would find with the were folk.
One of the largest misconceptions about vampires that had been brought to light so to speak when their existence was announced was their ability to walk just as easily in the day as the night. A lot of people were disappointed to find out that their myths about vampires were untrue. Garlic tasted great on pizzas and crosses did absolutely nothing to them. Much to the disgust of some church groups.
They were much stronger than the average human, roughly ten times as strong, they were faster and had heightened senses. They could eat food just like everyone else, they just need blood as well to survive. If  a vampire went too long without drinking blood their skin would become pasty white and their abilities would lessen until they slowly withered away and died.
Their bodies had faster healing abilities, like the weres but they could die, a stake through the heart would do the trick. Well anything through the heart actually would kill them, but the people liked to know that something in their myths were correct. Also you chop someone’s head off and they weren’t coming back. Ever.
Merrick had moved to Perth at the beginning of the twentieth century and watched as the city grew and thrived so had his coven until it was the largest in Western Australia. He had fought for his position often at the beginning, not so much now though.
 He picked up the glass of whisky sitting on the table next to where he stood and sipped at the amber liquid. He heard his apartment door open behind him but didn’t turn to see who it was. Only a select few people had access to his private residence. He stood and watched the river below, waiting for his second-in-command to arrive.
Merrick didn’t have to wait too long, Bryce walked out to stand next to him in complete silence. They stood there and watched the boats pass on the water below, Merrick slowly sipping his drink.
“Did you need something Bryce?” he asked quietly, not wanting to disturb the peacefulness of the night.
“No, just wanted to check that everything was okay, you’ve been awfully quiet lately.” His friend answered.
“Everything’s fine. Just thinking is all.” No matter how long they had been friends Merrick wouldn’t show weakness in front of anyone. Weakness could get you killed.
Bryce grunted beside him.
Merrick turned and clasped his friend on the shoulder. Pasting a smile on his face he looked his second in the eyes. “Everything’s good my friend. Trust me”
“Always” Bryce answered immediately. The man didn’t even need to think about it at all.
“How’s business down stairs?” he asked wanting to change the subject.
Now it was Merrick’s turn to grunt and Bryce laughed at him.
“Come on, man, come have a drink with me, listen to some music, you don’t even have to talk to anyone else if you don’t want to. Your people just like to see you and you’ve been absent lately.”
Merrick lifted the glass in his hand. “Already have a drink thanks” he grinned at his friend.
Bryce returned his grin before he reached out and stole the glass from Merrick’s fingers quickly draining its contents before he placed the now empty glass on the table.
“What drink?”
Merrick laughed at his friend, not many people would have had the guts to do what Bryce just did, and he was right. He had gotten bored with the whole scene and had pretty much stopped going. This was probably not his smartest move, as someone could construe it as weakness on his part.
“Fine, let’s go, the night is young, you never know what could be in store.” With that Merrick turned and walked through the apartment Bryce following along behind him.


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