Friday, 30 September 2011

WIP Excerpts 2

This is the beginning of the Necromancer story I was thinking about earlier in the week...

Dealing with the Dead - The Thompson Agency book 1

Jayden Thompson unlocked and pushed open the doors to his family’s offices and walked inside. Not many people could work with their entire family six days a week, but it seemed to work for them. Jayden was thankful they all didn’t still live together. He thought that may have thrown him over the edge and caused a mass homicide. He could probably have convinced the police to let him off with a warning as no one can live and work with their large, and he meant large, family twenty four hours a day.

Jayden was the youngest at twenty, of seven siblings. He had six older brothers, his parents trying and failing to get the girl his mother had always wanted. All seven boys inherited their gift from their father and as such worked with their parents in the family business.

Walking through the still and silent building Jayden made his way through the building until he came to his office. He was glad they all had their own offices as he liked his things just the way they were. Jayden turned on the lights and settled down at his desk before turning his computer on.

Waiting for his computer to finish loading Jayden pulled out the new files that had been placed in his in tray. The damn thing was empty when he left yesterday afternoon, but not anymore. Skimming through the files he found it was all basic stuff. Insurance companies wanting clarification on the cause of death so they hopefully didn’t have to pay out millions, families wanting one last chance to say goodbye to a loved one who was taken from them suddenly.

His computer dinged when it had finished loading and Jayden placed the files to a side and opened his e-mail. He looked through the calendar first to see how many appointments had been added to his day since he last looked. Jayden groaned as he noticed he was nearly booked solid to for the entire day.

As Jayden was the youngest he seemed to get stuck with all the less interesting jobs, as evidenced by the files in his in tray. His dad and his eldest brothers Jackson and Jessie always seemed to get the good ones. What his family didn’t realise yet was that Jayden was the most powerful of them all. He was the seventh son of a seventh son.

His brothers had started to show signs of their powers when they came of age at eighteen. Jayden, however, had felt his magic bubbling under the surface from the tender age of thirteen. He had not told his parents this, not wanting to appear different from his brothers; he had kept it to himself and tried to ignore it as best he could. This didn’t always work, however, as left unchecked and untrained his magic had a life of its own and tended to do things Jayden would rather forget.

Jayden was born into a family of Necromancers. Yes, they could raise and converse with the dead for short periods of time and no, they were not evil. It was just another form of magic. Witches’ magic dealt with the living, Shifter magic came from within and Necromancer’s Magic dealt with the dead.  It was as simple as that.

And with all paranormal creatures there was a destined mate out there just for each of them. Jayden smiled at the thought of finally meeting his mate. His mum and dad were mates and they had been together for over thirty years. A mate was a necessity when you were a paranormal with a great deal of magic. A mate grounded you, gave you a measure of peace and was said they tamed the wild magic within, allowing it to flow more easily.


Bailey;-) said...

Oh Toni, this sounds really good!! Thanks for sharing it with us:D

Kerstin said...

Dayum, Toni, I don't know which one of the stories to demand you write faster because they both sound absolutely fantastic.
I can't wait to read mooooooooore :)