Friday, 19 August 2011

A little something

Hi all,
I thought I would post a little something from what I'm working on at the moment. Hopefully If I can get it finished and submitted on time It might be apart of the Silver Christmas releases... Fingers crossed
Please remember this is rough and un-edited and is subject to change. Hope you enjoy

Lucas knew just where to find his father. It was a Friday night so that meant Ben Winters would be down at the local pub with his best friend, just as he had been for so many years Lucas had lost count. It was a tradition that had started when he was younger, Lucas thought it was maybe because his dad was lonely, but he couldn’t be sure. Ted’s Place was nothing special, but they did serve the best steak in town. 
Lucas was looking forward to seeing his father again, but more than that he was looking forward to seeing his dad’s best friend, Mitchell Morgan. His dad and Mitch had grown up together, living on neighbouring stations. His father, Ben, hadn’t wanted to work on a station and so his grandparents had sold it when they wanted to retire. Ben had become a police officer and loved his job.
 Mitchell had been a constant in his father’s life since grade school. He was there the day Lucas was born, his mum and dad only being seventeen. Lucas was the result of one too many drinks and a lack of protection that didn’t seem all that important at the time. Boy, were they wrong.
Lucas was lucky though, he could have been given up for adoption or even aborted but his parents had wanted to keep him, Instead he grew up knowing he was loved. Three years after Lucas was born Mitchell was the best man at his dad’s wedding and not even eighteen months later Mitchell helped his dad keep it together after his mum had passed away from breast cancer.
Mitchell had also been there for all the important parts of Lucas’s life. The most difficult being when he came out to his father at age sixteen. Lucas had had a crush on Mitchell since he was fourteen and started to suspect he might be gay. He didn’t know what it was about the older man but there was something that just flat out did it for him.
Mitchell had black wavy hair that always looked like he had just gotten out of bed, when he wasn’t wearing his akubra. He had a strong chiselled jaw that seemed to Lucas like it had a permanent five o’clock shadow, and the most amazing silver grey eyes Lucas had ever seen.
The man looked drop dead gorgeous in a pair of wranglers with his boots and cowboy hat. With his thick muscular legs and arms, that Lucas just wanted to be wrapped in. Lucas had been jacking off to fantasies about Mitchell for the last nine years of his life. He had, however, never gotten up the courage to do anything about his fantasies. He saw the way Mitchell would look at him occasionally when he didn’t think anyone would notice. Lucas didn’t think Mitchell would ever act on whatever feelings he might have towards him though because of his father.
Lucas had thought about this constantly, and had decided that he needed to know once and for all if the love he had for Mitchell was at all reciprocated.


Kerstin said...

Mmmmmmm, yumm! You've got me sold :D

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And now I'm hooked.

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