Monday, 22 August 2011

Forbidden Mate Cover

For all of you who don't have Face book here is the stunning cover for my fourth and final book in the Holland Brothers series.
I LOVE Jake's tattoo


Bailey;-) said...

That is an awesome tattoo, sigh. And the final book?? I look forward to reading the rest of the series, and whatever you decide to write next:D

Jewel said...

Very sexy tattoo. I love, love, love it as well.:D

Can't wait for book 3 & 4. I keeping re-reading book 1 & 2 to calm me down. LOL.

Great work Toni.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just WOW! The cover is gorgeous! I so can't wait for Jake and Rick's story. Do you know the release date? I hope it will be soon.

lily sawyer said...

awesome cover. Reese Rocks!

Petie said...

I wondered if Jake the tattoo before the book begins or after everything got resolve. Since I think it would difficult to hide that huge back tattoo when at the full moon pack meeting when they strip down to shift and run.