Monday, 18 November 2013

My Journey

So, as some of you might be aware I've been posting random weight loss updates every now and then on my Facebook page. Well, as of this morning, according to my scales (Which I love lots today) I've lost a total of 70.80kg or 156.08lbs or 11.14 stone. Which ever way you look at it, it's a great deal of weight and I have to say I'm proud of myself for being able to stick with it and see this through. I haven't reached my goal yet. Still have another 2.2kg to go, but hopefully I'll get there soon.

I thought I would share my journey with you all and show you a few pics of before, during and now...If you don't want to see them that's fine, but I thought I would show them anyway :)

Christmas of 2010 My entire family was in Darwin to celebrate the holidays together. My father turned to me one day while we were driving and told me just how worried he and my mum were by my weight. I cried, but I wasn't ready to deal with it, or do anything about it at that time.

It wasn't until 12 September of 2011 that I decided something needed to be done. See, I was planning a trip to the State the following year, and having been to Europe in April of 2010 I knew just how uncomfortable the long-ass flights could be for someone of my size. So my husband and I both set out to loose some weight.

This is me and the Ex at a Ball in 2008
Ripley's Believe it or Not -London- May 2010 

Stupid me didn't take a photo when I started to lose weight. As you can see from the above pics, I was a large girl and absolutely hated having my picture taken.

6 weeks after we started the diet, my husband walked out the door. Instead of using this as an excuse to binge eat and just stop caring I said 'fuck him' and I resolved to keep to my goal. When All this started I didn't have a final goal in mind. I was so heavy that for me to have actually set myself a goal weight I don't think I would have made it. Instead I set myself smaller goals. 'lets see if I can loose 10kg, then 20kg, then 30kg and so on.'
Picture taken 17/02/2012

Approx weight loss 24kg

Taken 18/03/2012 weight loss 28kg

I lost the fist 27.5kg by myself with nothing more then diet and will power. However, after losing that much weight I thought I should get some exercise in and try to tone up some of my body. My wonderful brother told me to go and see one of his friends who happened to be a Personal Trainer. I see Vern twice a fortnight and he seriously puts me through it. I call him all the names under the sun, but really I love him. He has helped me so much to become the person that I am today and I will forever be grateful for the help he has given me and the encouragement he shows every time I see him. 

I thought it was time to clean out my wardrobe on the 2/06/2012. Weight loss 37kg. I wish I had kept these pants now instead on throwing them away.
Me in the States Sep 2012 - Total weight loss 50kg
Myself, my younger brother Jonathan and his wife Kara - Bali June 2013 for our Brother's wedding
Total weight loss 65kg 

My daughter and I at the wedding

Beach day in Bali. I cannot tell you how amazing it was to have a regular sized lifejacket fit me easily.
Me in Sydney at the OzMMMeet October 2013 - Total weight loss 68kg 

While in Sydney I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I wanted to do this purely because I could. There was no way I would have been able to complete the climb before losing all my weight.

Me yesterday

Total weight loss 70.8kgs
So there you have it. My journey. Let me tell you it's been bloody expensive replacing my entire wardrobe a couple of times over. I've gone from an Aussie size 26/28 down to a 14/16 I even have a size 12 shirt that I'm so proud of.

My family has been the best over the last two years and two months. They never stopped supporting or encouraging me. Even though the weight loss has slowed to almost a bloody crawl in the last six months I'm determined to reach my goal.

Thanks also to all my friends on FB who send me encouraging messages every time I post an update.

Love you all. xx


N.J. Nielsen said...

I just decided after meeting you in Sydney that if you can do it then so can I... I must admit I have ginned around a bit - but since coming back from Sydney I have lost 3 Kg... I'm just starting my journey as you are coming to the end of yours... You are an inspiration and I hope I do half as well as you have. I need to lose another 36 Kg... but after reading your story I feel it is now achievable... So fricken proud of you.

Vona Logan said...

Toni girl, you are truly an inspiration and God knows I needed to read this today. I used to weight about 64kg after my first 2 kids, but then I had another two and coupled with an underactive thyroid I struggle to lose weight. I've started disliking myself and the way I look and I'm uncomfortable. If I can lose 15-18kg I'll be so happy. Thanks for sharing, I'm now doubly inspired to keep going. *hugs*

Witchypoo said...


Belinda McBride said...

This is absolutely inspiring! I've struggled to lose weight for years and finally seem to be making progress. Seeing this encourages me to keep trying!

Lexi said...


You are an inspiration. Wow! What a journey!


Laurie P said...

Congrats, you are an amazing woman. And an inspiration to us all! Thank you for sharing with us.

Kathy Kozakewich said...

Toni, you have done a marvelous job at sticking it out; what an inspiration. Congratulations!

L.M. Brown said...

Well done.

I too am on a diet. I have a fancy ball to go to this weekend and probably started my diet too late to do much about it. Lost just over a stone since mid September, but not enough to go down a single dress size. I am hoping to keep at it so next time I don't feel as bad as I did this time when everyone is talking about getting glammed up and my knowing I am going to stand out.

You are inspiring me to keep at it.


Meredith Shayne said...

Wow, you've done amazingly. My sister's just lost about 40 kgs, so I know how long it can take and how much willpower you need to have to keep going. You must have an absolute will of iron, that's really something to be proud of!

Cathy Hart said...

Toni This is Amazing !! I have just decided I had to do something about my weight yesterday, So This came at a great time for me it is so encouraging, Thank you for sharing. :)

A.B.Gayle said...

As I said on Facebook, I'm amazed. I kept looking at you at OZmmMeet and thinking to myself how fit, attractive and great you looked. Almost intimidating in the way you seemed to "have it all". I couldn't understand why you hadn't been snapped up by some lucky guy. I would never have imagined that you were ever fat! You look years younger than that top picture, as many have said, an inspiration for us all.
Huge hug.

Demetra said...

Beautiful Toni - congrats on the weight loss.

Sue S. said...

You are definitely an inspiration! You look fantastic - great job. :)

Tammy said...

Way to go! You look fantastic and I hope you are able to meet your goal. I am struggling to reach mine with 8 lbs to go.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm really impressed with what you have achieved! Keep up the good work! :-)

Must also say that I love your books! I look forward to every new one, and I have re-read all your current books several times. :-) I hope you keep writing, then I'll keep buying! ;-)

Anita, Norway

Anonymous said...

Lisette Said...Wow Toni, you look I am after finding out I am Diabetic (7yrs now)that I should be trying to get my weight down I don't need to lose as much as you have done (at least 50lbs).. Again WOW, you are definitely an inspiration...I love all your books so I hope you keep writing..

Anonymous said...

You look amazing & should be so very proud of yourself!!!!! You go girl!!