Monday, 15 July 2013

Unexpected & Determined Mate

As of the 15th July the rights to both Unexpected Mate and Determined Mate will be reverting to me. This means they will no longer be for sale through any distributor.

If you follow my facebook you will know that I have revised Unexpected Mate and have expanded it by roughly 17k. I will be self publishing this through Mischief Corner Books and I have a current release date of August 10th. This may change, it all depends on editing. LOL

Unexpected Mate will be available through Amazon, ARe, smashwords and B&N I believe. With the hope to release through Bookstrand in the near future.

At this stage Determined Mate is yet to undergo its editing and I regret that this means it will be off the shelves for a little while. I will let you all know as soon as I complete the edits and have an expected release date.

Even though I only have one book ready at this time I so have a pretty cover for both.


Laura Aleman Striplin said...

Sweet. Gorgeous men. Even though I have read the series over and over again, I am really looking forward to the expansions.

Teena M. said...

I have all of the books that you currently have out and look forward to reordering Unexpected Mate and Derermined Mate books love the new covers, so sexy.

Anonymous said...

I liked the first editions but the new version. I love it... I hope when Rick and Jakes story comes around we get to see some of Ricks attempts at dating with a bit of Bakes jealous streak. Cant wait for all the books to come out again.