Friday, 1 March 2013

Dont Forget to pick up a copy & Print

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I would stop by and do a little pimping...
Cabin for Two: An Anthology is currently available and can be purchased through Amazon HERE and as of the 2nd March will also be available in PRINT form from Amazon for all those who enjoy holding an actual book.

My story: A Bear in the Woods is apart of this wonderful Anthology.



In the car he set up the GPS he had been given and got on the road. Vincent was so tired, but he just wanted to get to the cabin so he could start to relax. Plus, he didn't think he could actually sleep right now anyway. The drive would only take a little more than an hour.
He had called ahead to the cabins as well while he had been stuck in the Houston airport. The woman in the office told him a map and the key code to his cabin would be left for him in the drop box at the reception area.
The roads were near deserted at that hour of the morning, and Vincent made good time. He was quite proud of himself for only taking a wrong turn three times when he started to get up in the mountains. Yes, he had GPS, but no, apparently he still couldn't follow directions. 
Finally arriving at his destination, Vincent pulled up in front of what he hoped to Christ was the reception building. He wanted this day to be over with in the worst possible way.
Vincent found the drop box and retrieved his map and key code along with a note that told him to come back down in the morning so they could complete his check-in.
He studied the map and found where 'Rest Assured', his cabin, was located. Getting back in his car, he tried to make his way there. It took a little while with all the twists and turns and the huge number of cabins in the area, but eventually, Vincent parked his car in front of his cabin. He grabbed his laptop bag and locked the car before going up the steps to his very large front door.
The place looked huge; Vincent wasn't sure what the hell he would do with all this space, but hopefully he would get the rest and relaxation he needed. He entered the code on the door and after the click, walked inside. He flicked the light switch and his breath caught in his throat at the stunning sight before him. Wood paneled floors and walls surrounded him. Comfortable-looking couches sat facing a fireplace that Vincent wanted to curl up in front of.
He placed his laptop bag on the wooden table and went exploring. He went upstairs and found his room with a giant king-size bed in the middle of it and an attached bath. Next, Vincent found the Jacuzzi and the pool table.
He opened the balcony and discovered a porch swing. Wanting to know what was on the balcony below, he raced back down the stairs. He felt giddy, like a kid on Christmas morning. Vincent wanted to kiss Mandy for making him do this.
He knew she had been here a couple of years ago for a family reunion and he had listened to her rave about how beautiful it had been. He couldn't wait to see the view during the day. Vincent couldn't really see much at the moment due to the fact it was approaching five in the morning. Not caring about that though, he flicked the switch to turn on the outside lights and take a look anyway.
Vincent took one step outside, looked to the left and saw another hot tub. He squealed in delight like a little girl and would have raced to it if not for a noise from his right. Looking over, Vincent's eyes widened. He screamed as he turned and ran back inside, slamming and locking the door behind him.
There was a goddamn bear sleeping on his balcony. Now what the hell was he supposed to do?


Keri said...

Is this e-book available anywhere other than Amazon? I don't have a Kindle, and so I've never bought an electronic book on Amazon, so I don't know if I can get this book in PDF format or not. Any information you can tell me is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Freddy MacKay said...

Hi Keri!

You can also get the book through Barnes and Noble or All Romance eBooks.

ARe has the books in PDF format.


KO said...

Great, thank you!