Saturday, 10 November 2012

Now Available

Liam is now available through Silver Publishing.
If you haven't pre-ordered your copy you can buy it here


Laura Aleman Striplin said...

SWEET! First, husband brings home Chinese food for dinner and then I see this! Happy happy happy :)

Laura Aleman Striplin

Angel Mott said...

I can not wait to be able to read this!

Anonymous said...

read it - liked it, and glad there will be more :)

Marie said...

Finally had a chance to read this today:) I loved the story and can't wait until Ben's story comes! Also looking forward to the next Thompson Agency book!

Victoria Reynes said...

I was just checking SP when I saw this at number #1...bought it..and read it in about 2 hours. LOL. Loved it!

I can't wait for Ben & Tommy's story. I hope it's coming out soon. Wonderful start! Cheers! :)