Sunday, 30 September 2012

Contest time

Well it's that time again... I FINALLY have a new release coming out.
Dealing with the dead it due out next week on Saturday the 6th October.
So to win a free copy of the book simply comment and let me know the weirdest food you've seen for sale. (I know, random right?) but on my holiday to the states I found deep fried lasagne on a menu and I still can't quite believe it.
If you can't think of anything that's fine too..... I'll announce the winners (2) on Thursday next week.
If you have already preordered you can have your choice of one of my books already out or one of the next two coming soon.

Good luck to all


G. Donald Hamilton said...

prairie oysters
Have a wonderful release party!!!

Karen Candido said...

I think deep fried peanut butter and jelly is weird...LOL

Glad you had a good time over here in the states!

Yvette said...

Candied bat wings...uh!

shavedwolvy said...

Walking through a grocery store in Southern California and seeing a skinned (but with eyeballs still intact) lamb's head all ready to be bd bought and cooked. Seeing cow tongues not too far away was almost as unpleasant.

Laura Aleman Striplin

Megan H. said...

I think the weirdest thing to see on a menu for me was cooked Kangaroo meat. I know people eat it and I've seen it raw at the butchers, but to actually see it on a menu was weird for me.

Congrats on your upcoming releases!

Lupa Padmae said...

There was a restaurant here in NYC that had pan friend zebra balls on the menu.

amilyn said...

I cannot figure out how to make it put a picture in the comment, so that's the link to it... lol! Took that at the store a good while back when there was a conversation about weird foods. Think that tops my list. Pork brains in milk gravy. You're supposed to mix it with scrambled eggs.

Marissa L. said...

I looked at the list and found that I cannot top those other posts. Zebra balls? Seriously? Is it rolled up zebra meat or the actual genitals? Nasty either way! I am thankful I have not seen the foods in this list or I would be traumatized. I refuse to touch on the comment above mine on the grounds that it makes me want to gag.
Congratulations on the release!


Anonymous said...

Lol when my dad was still alive he used to eat squirrel brains and tongue it was the grossest thing ever and my sister and brother in laws eat goat nuts lol. Always ask what's on the table at their house before u eat. Congrats on the release. I can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of anything....But my boss' son had cow tongue.