Saturday, 3 December 2011

Now available and re-draw

My Christmas Present is now available for download. Yay.
This was my first attempt at some cowboy lovin so I hope you all enjoy.

Zeneida was nice enough to offer up her free copy for a re-draw as she'd already purchased it. So anyone who has yet to buy MCP and would like a chance to win a copy please comment. I will draw the new winner on Monday.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.


Bailey;-) said...


Congratulations on the release and WOOT! I know what I'm reading when we get back from dinner!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Toni: I only recently found your Holland Brothers books, they are fantastic! Would you consider writing a book about the Alpha that Jake and Patrick go to visit (to ask about Brian's pregnancy)? That fellow intrigued me, big time.

Another memorable Christmas present I had was an afghan that my grandmother made me, with my name stitched into it. I was around 12 or 13 when I got it, and I'm 43 now, and still use it to wrap up in. Some things are pricless.

Toni Griffin said...

Hey Jim,
Once I finish writing the first book in my necromancer series I will be starting the Atherton pack series. Not sure when or how long this will take but it is planned.

Kat! said...

I loved your e-books on the Holland they will become part of my print book collection. I'm old school. I prefer to curl up with a book. I have the first vol. already.
I don't have your christmas story. It's still too early. I like to read or watch Christmas stories on Christmas Eve, and Day when I'm alone. It's my present to myself.
The memorable Christmas presents I got was when my mum was alive. She always found special Barbie outfits for me, and colouring two passions, at that time. I didn't see the original post...I actually was on Bailey's blog, when I saw you had a website.
I definitely like contests, and enter when I can. For some reason I can't post on some blogs.
Sorry to ramble on, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your stories, and I look forward to future stories.

Enny said...

I love your Holland Brothers books (don't they have any cousins who need a book written about them?) so winning this one would be really fantastic!

Hope you have a nice weekend and thank you!

Dem said...

Hi Toni - i had pre-ordered your Christmas book and read it last night. Loved loved loved it. Have a great weekend.

Loveless3173 said...

Many, many congrats on your new release!! \o/
Absolutely love your Holland Brothers series. I look forward to reading this x-mas story. :)

>o> I'd like to enter the redraw... >w< Thank you!

Judi P