Sunday, 30 October 2011

Frankie's Vamp - Finished and submitted

Holy cow,
I can't believe with everything else going on I actually managed to complete this by the end of the month like I wanted.
I changed the name from Merrick's coven as I've thought about the next few books in the series and like the new title better.
Now I'm going to have a day of rest before I start on Dealing with the dead.

I really loved Frankie and I hope you guys will too.

Please note all of the following is un-edited and is subject to change


Merrick Winters is growing bored with life, after living for over five centuries, he tired of the same type of men throwing themselves at him for either the chance to be in his bed or donate their blood. His coven is secure, not having had a challenge in more the fifty years.

Frankie’s Reynolds doesn’t give a damn who you are, you hit him once and he’s out the door never to return, he just wishes his ex would get the message.  After one night at Hot Encounters night club he now has both an ex and a master vampire who don’t want to leave him alone.  He doesn’t mind the vampire so much, but the ex he could do without.

Merrick’s life is anything but boring now as he tries to convince Frankie they’re mates. Meanwhile rogue vampires have been spotted around town, is his coven really as secure as he assumed?

Lifting his glass once again to his lips he cast his gaze out to the dance floor. His hand stopped short just before reaching his mouth. The most stunning sight Merrick had ever seen currently took up residence on the edge of the floor. The young man’s shirt had been removed and tucked into a belt loop on the all too tight jeans he was wearing.

The jeans moulded to his perfect ass and encased his legs before feeding into calf high leather boots that strung up the back. Strawberry blonde curls currently damp with sweat hug to the tips of his shoulders, offering tantalising glimpses of a sweet supple neck.
Merrick had never seen anything like it. His mouth had gone dry and his fangs dropped down, wanting a taste. He watched enthralled by the man as his hands sensuously made their way up his body and into the air as his hips gyrated to the music.
“Merrick” a loud bang on the table brought his attention back to his company.
“What” he growled not wanting to look away from the vision in front of him. The man still hadn’t turned around and yet Merrick could barely bring himself to remove his eyes from the sight.
“You haven’t heard a word I’ve said to you, have you?” Bryce asked him, a hint of amusement in his voice.
Merrick didn’t dignify him with an answer. Instead he willed the vision to turn around and let him look at the total package. He counted to five slowly, as if the man could hear his thoughts he turned as soon as Merrick reached five.
Merrick lost all thought as the man’s gaze connected with his. Eye’s rimmed with black sparkled as a shy smile broke across the strangers face. Merrick looked him up and down stopping at the pierced navel. God he could have so much fun with that, before letting his gaze continue further down to the nice sized package currently tucked into the tight jeans.

“Who is he?” he asked


Lupa Padmae said...

Toni you book tease, ugh I want more, dang, dang

Kerstin said...

Wholeheartedly agree with Lupa...
Moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar :D
It's like you're dangling a cheeseburger right in front of a starved person!!! ;D

mel said...

Sooo, do you have a guess as to when this will be out cuz yeah I am sooo wanting this book it sounds awesome :)

Dem said...

can't wait till it comes out.

Anonymous said...

I was visiting your site for Amber's bday extravaganza and am happy I did because now I see you have a anew book coming out soon. I'm looking forward to Merrick and Frankie!! I loved Forbidden Mate, or really the entire series. I was sad when it wrapped up. So it definitely perked up my day to visit your site and see that you've written a new series.