Saturday, 9 July 2011

Round 2 votes needed

Round two of Summer's Hottest Hero competition started yesterday.

Alex Holland from Determined Mate beat out his brother for the right to continue on.
However I'm up against the amazing Kim Dare in this round.
I would love your vote, but encourage you to vote for who you believe to be the hottest hero.

Click here to vote.


Kerstin said...

Already voted for Alex :D Woot woot

Toni Griffin said...

Thanks Kerstin, Doesn't look like i'm going going to make it to the next round but oh well... Happy with where I got.

Kerstin said...

Yeah, really sad :/ A lot more people are voting for Kim Dare!! Her books are really good, but I wanted Alex to win ;D

Jewel said...

Voted for Alex.
Can't wait for book 3 to come out.
Please try to release it before Sept.
I'm anxiously waiting ;)
Great work Toni. Thanks!