Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Small Sneak Peek - Forbidden Mate

So, I was asked to post a snippet from HB4 Forbidden Mate. Here's the small sneek peek I chose (I didn't want to give too much away). Please note: this is unedited and may change slightly in the final draft.
I hope you all enjoy. Okay off to do my daily word count now that I've finished work. :)

“Hey man, no need to rush off, stay for dinner. Mum’s cooking tonight.” Alex said pointing back to the chair Jake had just left. He shook his head.
“Sorry, but I need to go. I have a few appointments I’ll need to reschedule and some paperwork to finalise.” Jake was full of shit. His secretary would take care of his appointments and he never left the office on a Friday without finishing all his paperwork, but he needed to get away. He couldn’t sit there and look at Patrick any longer.
Alex nodded his acceptance and Jake said goodbye to everyone, not meeting Patrick’s eyes as he turned and walked away. He made it all the way out side and almost to his car before he heard his name being called.
“Hey Jake, wait up. Please” Jake stopped but didn’t turn around. His hands curled into fists at his side to try and stop him from reaching out and grabbing hold of his mate.
“What do you want Patrick?” Everyone else called him Rick but he’d always be Patrick to him.
“I’m sorry. He’s my brother and I couldn’t say no.” Patrick's voice sounded so defeated that Jake spun around to stare at him. His beautiful mate stood there with his hands shoved as far into his jeans pockets as they would go, his shoulders slumped and his head forward.
Jake couldn’t help himself, he reached forward and gently cupped Patrick’s cheek in his large hand. “I know. It’s not your fault.” He whispered.
Jake stood there for a minute completely mesmerised by the emotions running through those stunning brown eyes. He felt his thumb gently caress the soft skin beneath its pad. His brain snapped back it to gear and he snatched his hand away before turning and getting into his car.
His dick, now rock hard, his body yearning for that of its mate. Jake started the car and peeled away from the curb before he did anything else to put the one he loved with all his heart in any more danger.


xBeanyx said...

ooooooooooo I soooooooooo cant wait for this one *bounces in seat*

Thanks for the snippet Toni *huggs*

Bailey;-) said...


Me either, I'm with Beany!! I can't wait! Thanks for posting this:D

Kerstin said...

I totally agree with Beany and Bailey…
Can I read it now? *puppy eyes* :D
It sounds sooo good! Can't wait!!!
Thank you Toni :)

JayMQueen said...

I cannot wait for this one.....I have been on pins and needles since the first book when it came to Patrick and Jake......ohhhh, can't wait!

mel said...

I am with everyone else I can't wait for this one to come out. I am loving this series :)