Sunday, 3 April 2011

Small Sneak Peek

Hi all,

I thought it might be nice to post a small sneak peek at Protective Mate. This is Zack and Simon's Story.
Please note this is an Unedited excerpt and as such probably has a million and one mistakes. :)

I hope you enjoy.

 “Daddy?” Zack looked in the rear-view mirror at the most important person in his life. His daughter was sitting in her booster seat surrounded by everything they owned.
“Yes pumpkin?” Zack was constantly flicking his eyes back and forth between his precious cargo and the road ahead.
“Are we there yet?” Zack sighed. The question had been constant for the last several hours. Zack knew it had to be hard for Hayley, within the space of a 6 month period she had lost the mother she loved, the house she grew up in and was being taken from the day-care she knew and had friends at. To top it off her grandparents were trying to take her away from her father, so they had finally left to start over in a new town with new people and hopefully new friends.
“Not yet Hayley, but soon okay? We’ll find the motel and unpack the car, and then we’ll find a nice park where you can play for a little while. How does that sound?” The squeals of delight from the back seat let Zack know that Hayley was on board with the park idea.
Glancing back at his daughter again Zack couldn’t believe how much she looked like her mother. She had sparkling jade green eyes and the cutest little button nose you had ever seen, above a small mouth with rose pink lips. But her best feature Zack thought, the only feature she got from Zack, was her bright auburn hair the fell in loose ringlets past her shoulders. One of Sarah’s favourite things before she passed was to brush Hayley’s hair.
Zack was momentarily overwhelmed with grief at the thought of his best friend. Sarah had been his best friend since high school. On their first day in high school they had both gone to sit in the same seat at lunch and had ended up best friends by the time the bell rang to signify lunch was over.
Their high school years seemed to fly past with the two sharing everything, Zack confided in Sarah when he realised the boys at their school held more appeal to him then the girls. Sarah had hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and said it didn’t matter and she would always love him. She had encouraged Zack to talk to his parents and let them know what was going on with him. His mum had surprised him and said she had suspected for a while and his dad nodded and said as long as it made Zack happy then that was all he cared about. Zack had hugged his parents and never been so thankful for their support.
Sarah however, kept the knowledge from her parents until after they had graduated from high school and moved into an apartment together. Her parents being the religious, god fearing people they were, were adamant that Sarah have nothing further to do with him. When she refused they informed her God would punish her for associating with him.
Who knows what Sarah’s parents would have thought if they ever found out he was a werewolf as well as gay. They would probably keel over in an apoplectic fit. Zack chuckled with that idea and thought back to when Sarah found out he was a werewolf. It was the first full moon after Zack had turned sixteen and they were lying on the floor, in the lounge at his parents place, doing their homework. Zack’s entire body had felt like his blood was boiling, then his arms started sprouting fur. He had looked over at Sarah, saw her wide eyes staring back at him and said the only thing he could think of “please don’t scream.”


Reiko said...

sounds good i'm excited. please let it be released soon!
it would be great if you posted a blurb soon too!

Toni Griffin said...

Im glad u liked it. Unfortunately I haven't finished writing it yet. I have a release date of sep 3. But I'm hoping if I get it finished and submitted soon my release date might change.


xBeanyx said...

Oooo sounds good!!!! Can't wait for it to come out!!! :-)

Tessypoo said...

oh WOW, this is going to be great! I LOVED the first 2 and I'm sure I will love this one too.

but geeze do I have to wait until September for it's release! it's not Fair *Tess shucking a tantrum*

Charlie Richards said...

The first couple lines had me going 'awe'. lol. And now I really want to know how he meets Simon, and see how Simon reacts to Hayley. I chuckle just thinking about it! Happy writing!

Veronica Victorian said...

I'm so excited! It has already whetted my appetite! I am jonesing for more

JayMQueen said...

I just read the first two and I am looking forward to this new one, but the one I am really waiting for is the story on what is going on with Jake and Rick.....looking forward to that one as well.