Thursday, 10 March 2011


Oh My God... I have my Laptop back......

It's so good to be able to type properly, that loan laptop was driving me up the wall.... :)

I'm off to beautiful North Queensland tomorrow as it's my Mum's 60th. Have a week off work and am hoping to get lots of writing done while I'm away.

Wish me luck



mel said...

Glad you got your laptop back :)
Have a great time in North Queensland :)

joey said...

Have fun visiting mum! I just wanted to drop in and say I have almost finished reading Unexpected Mates and I am in luv with the Holland Brothers...*grin* and Brian is adorable. I have Determined Mate waiting in the wings to read next....WOW! what a great series you have going....I am from the States (West Virginia) and would luv to read more about the land in your books when they go for runs as their wolf sides....Thanks for a great series and am looking forward to many, many more good books from you.
Tell mum your loyal fans say "hiyah" and happy birthday and here's to many more...*grin*

Your fan,

Toni Griffin said...


Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed unexpected mate and hope determined lives up to your expectations. Have managed to do a bit of writing while I've been here and am over a third of the way through protective mate. I'm really enjoying Simon and Zack's story so far. Will have to see where it leads. Lol.

I'm sending this from my phone as my folks don't have wifi. God knows now they live without it. I don't think I could survive :) back to writing I think.

Have a great week


Toni Griffin said...


Thanks. It's so good to have my laptop back. Don't know what I'll do if the thing ever dies completely. Having a great time visiting with the folks and brothers. My sister-in-law is pregnant and getting huge. It was great to see the family together again, but am looking forward to coming come :)