Saturday, 19 February 2011

Determined Mate Out Today

Hi Ya'll
Just thought I would post incase anyone has missed that Determind Mate, book 2 in my Holland Brothers series is out today. Click HERE to purchase.

Thank you to everyone who has preordered. I hope you enjoy.

My laptop died the other day and is going to be 2-3 weeks getting fixed. GRRRRR
I got a loaner yesterday so I will hopefully be working more on Simon's story today :)


mel said...

So I just finished the second book and I just want to say that was great!!!!
But, I have to ask when the Simons book comes out cuz I am so dying to know what is going on with him.
Great book :)

xBeanyx said...

Eeeep omg omg omg omg omg that was brilliant!!!! And I guess my question is answered, the next brother to get the spotlight will be Simon (can't wait for Rick's story!!)
I hope Simon's story comes out soonish though, I don't know how long I can wait hehehe ;-)
Great work Toni!!!! :-)

Toni Griffin said...

Hi Mel,

Thanks, glad you liked it. I have no idea when Simon's story will be out :(. but have no fear he is currently playing the drums in my head trying to get my attention to write his story.

Toni Griffin said...

Thanks, The loan laptop I received when they sent mine away for repairs doesn't have any form of word processing programs what so ever. I was all set so sit down and wtite this afternoon and what I ended up doing was a lot of swearing instead. The hubby is going to take it back tomorrow to see if we can fix this so I can get stuck into Simon and Zack's story.
Wish him luck. :)

xBeanyx said...

That sucks! I suppose the system would have Notepad but thats still sucks... You would think that all PC's would be loaded with at least Word...

Well I wish your hubby luck!! Hopefully they'll either give him another laptop for you or load Word on that laptop!

oooo who is Zack???? We havent met him yet have we?!?!
Will you only write four books in the series or will there be more???

Toni Griffin said...


Nope we haven't met Zack yet but you will :)... I'm really enjoying writing him at the moment. As for the series, there will definatley be 4 but I'm thinking about adding a 5th. Sort of a re-visit to all the brothers. Maybe a year later or something. Just an idea at the moment, not sure if anything will come of it..

xBeanyx said...

oooo I definately like that idea!!!!! More books are always a good thing!!! ooo what about a book where one of them ends up with a kid??? hehehehehe

although I dont want to think about the series ending... :-(

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